As your Vegan Health Coach I'll help you create the MINDSET that will make your best plant strong choices easy and sustainable:

If you're a Vego or Vegan and you eat a lot of processed and high carb food. Or a meat eater that would like to eat less meat. Yet you think perhaps it's too Hard? Too Boring? Or not Healthy?

Whether you want to Lose Weight. To Gain Energy. To Get Healthier. STRONGER. FITTER. FIRMER.

To play your part in stopping inhumane and unsustainable animal agriculture.

You 100% can be Vego or Vegan and eat primarily one ingredient foods… Oh, AND also rock around 24/7 in a strong, healthy body you love.

Let's call this the LAZY yet fussy High Protein Low Carb vego / vegan approach!

We'll ditch some common misconceptions that plant strong food is:

One: Void of many vital nutrients and a poor source of PROTEIN.

Two: BORING and bland.

Three: TEDIOUS and time consuming.

I'll show you how to avoid 5 common mistakes Vego's & Vegans make:


Two: Too LIGHT.


Four: Too Reliant on SOY.

Five: Too POLITE / Caring What Others Think!

You don’t have to tackle this potentially daunting, confusing, isolating lifestyle change alone. I’ll have your back (!) with DAILY EMAIL SUPPORT and motivation.

Essentially you'll have your own vegan health coach for 30 days. 

Know you’re giving your body everything it needs to look, feel and function optimally in just ONE easy to implement step a day over 30 days.

Includes FREE Community Access | First 100 People ONLY.

OR, email me to learn more about your FREE access to the community: