Get a Fit, Strong, Healthy, Body Simply and Sustainably.

If you're a Vego or Vegan and you eat a lot of processed and high carb food. Or a meat eater that would like to eat less meat. Yet you think perhaps it's too Hard? Too Boring? Or not Healthy?

Whether you want to Lose Weight. To Gain Energy. To Get Healthier. STRONGER. FITTER. FIRMER.

To play your part in stopping inhumane and unsustainable animal agriculture.

You 100% can be Vego or Vegan and eat primarily one ingredient foods… Oh, AND also rock around 24/7 in a strong, healthy smokin' body you love.

Let's call this the LAZY yet fussy High Protein Low Carb vego / vegan approach!

We'll ditch some common misconceptions that plant strong food is:

One: Void of many vital nutrients and a poor source of PROTEIN.

Two: BORING and bland.

Three: TEDIOUS and time consuming.

I'll show you how to avoid 5 common mistakes Vego's & Vegans make:


Two: Too LIGHT.


Four: Too Reliant on SOY.

Five: Too POLITE / Caring What Others Think!

Here's just a taste (!) of what we'll cover in this 59 page eBook and daily supporting email series:

Day 1: Your Day Of Preparation. Today we lay the foundation for your success in creating a fit, healthy, energised body.

Day 3: Move 30 Minutes A Day Mon - Sat. I’m a lil bit unco. NOT genetically gifted. Certainly not a natural athlete! However, I have worked out how to move to choose my curves and I'll share how you can choose your curves too.

Day 6: The Reframe. One of the most simple yet effective tools in using your thoughts to help you create a body and life you love.

Day 8: Include Protein In Each Of Your 3 Main meals. Feel statisfied for longer. Ditch pesky cravings for good. I'll share my fav Vegan Protein Pimps - it's not an oxymoron!

Day 9: Short On Time? I now spend LESS time exercising than ever before. Discover the most effective way to exercise.

Day 14: Cheat Meal Day! Not only does the cherished cheat meal reset your emotional focus because you know you can count on it each week – it also resets your metabolism.

Day 15: Time To Lock In Your 2 HIIT Sessions. If you want to spend LESS time exercising & see better results... it’s time to sweat. From this NON-cardio queens’ personal experience they only get easier.

Day 17: The Step I Tried To Skip... It's deceptively easy yet VITAL, learn from my mistake.

Day 19: 3 Go 2 Lunches. Save yourself from getting over hungry, angry or even Hangry (!) later. Remember, the meal you skip now will come back to bite you later because depriving your body is never the long term solution.

Day 26: Use Negative Associations. The ability to consciously choose an association - be it positive or negative - and use it to help you achieve your goal is both freedom and power. The potential is limitless.

Day 27: Set A Fitness Or Charoty Goal. I often get asked by my clients “Will it EVER get easier?” Yes certainly, not that the workouts will get easier, actually I’ll make it harder as you get fitter, stronger & more importantly even better at pushing through the discomfort. HOWEVER, as your attitude & power to do the exercise do (!) strengthens it’ll seem A LOT easier.

Day 28: 7 Thing You Love About The Past Month. Whether you’ve got your 7 rapid fire ready to go. Or, you’re faking it till you make it. Pick your 7 and make a conscious effort to focus on how much you Love them.

You don’t have to tackle this potentially daunting, confusing, isolating lifestyle change alone. I’ll have your back (!) with DAILY EMAIL SUPPORT, accountability and motivation.

Essentially you'll have your own vegan health coach for 30 days. 

Lose Weight. Gain Energy. Know you’re giving your body everything it needs to look, feel and function optimally in just ONE easy to implement step a day over 30 days.


Questions, help, more information? I’d love to talk with you. Please contact me at