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Avoid 5 Common Mistakes Vego's & Vegans Make:

Two: Too LIGHT.
Four: Too Reliant on SOY.
Five: Too POLITE / Caring What Others Think!

Hey I'm Kate, 

(Ex-Carb-Queen, NON-Genetically Gifted, Naturally-Uncoordinated-PLANTSTRONG Chick!)

If you're a Vego or Vegan and you eat a lot of processed and high carb food.

Or a meat eater that would like to eat less meat.

Yet you think perhaps it's too Hard? Too Boring? Or not Healthy?

Over 7 Days I'd love to share how you can create the MINDSET that will make your best Plant Strong choices easy and sustainable.  

If I can do it, you can too.

Whether you want to Lose Weight. To Gain Energy. To Get Healthier.
To play your part in stopping inhumane and unsustainable animal agriculture.
You 100% can be Vego or Vegan and eat primarily one ingredient foods and keep it High Protein Low Carb… Oh, AND also rock around 24/7 in a strong, healthy body you love.


DAY #1.  

The MAGIC that guides every decision you make. What you do and what you don't do. Rather than be limited by it you're going to use it to your plant strong advantage. Become unstoppable.

DAY #2. 

The ONE swap that will give you the biggest, fastest body gaining result. Regardless of your eating preferences I have you covered.

Let's get your energy levels soaring with this restriction free Eat-Better-NOT-Less upgrade. 

DAY #3.

How to AVOID the common 'Borrowing From Tomorrow' trap. And make your new healthy habits fabulously easy to keep.

DAY #4.

The HIDDEN tool for success most people miss out on... that will give you an unfair advantage.

DAY #5.

Find out how to never feel deprived and how to OUT-SMART those frustrating cravings that used to relentlessly plague your thoughts. Regain control of your food choices.

DAY #6.

One of my FAV tactics when it comes to eating and exercising to create your best plant strong body...

DAY #7.

Let's call this the LAZY Yet Fussy high protein low carb vego / vegan approach!

We'll also ditch some common misconceptions that plant strong food is:
One: Void of many vital nutrients and a poor source of protein.
Two: Boring and bland.
Three: Tedious and time consuming.

Eating Delicious, Nutritious Plant Strong meals does not have to be hard.

In fact it CAN be simple. Subscribe via the opt-in below to enjoy results that are sustainable for you and your environment.