Plant-Based Journal

[FULL PDF] Plant Positive Journal!

Create a BODY and LIFE you LOVE by successfully managing your TIME and your MIND.

Perhaps you are plant-based curious? Maybe you are already vegan but need a healthier approach to nutrition?

In this journal you will learn how to consistently prioritise food, exercise and other healthy habits that build on each other to have a compounding and lasting effect.

My name is Kate Galli and I am passionate about living a plant-based lifestyle. Benefit from the wisdom I have cultivated from thousands of clients mentored over the last seventeen years.


1/2 the Price of the Printed Journal PLUS Zero Postage!

What's Inside

  • Latest information on living a plant-based lifestyle 
  • Daily gratitude pages
  • Weekly win sheets 
  • 12 monthly focuses: from Aligning your Values and Beliefs. To building Community. To designing your own Plant Strong Standards!
  • Delicious recipes: perfect for meal preparation.  Or entertaining. Or a 5 minute meal.
  • Equipment free workouts.

Vegan journal artwork


Option one: As a daily planner that helps you plan your day / week / month to come while also making time for daily gratitude and a focus on weekly self care.

Option two: As above while ALSO one at a time implementing the most impactful steps and habits to living a healthy and sustainable plant-based lifestyle.

Plant based Overwhelm


Each month there is an overarching focus.

In Month one and two we get clarity on your VALUES and BELIEFS plus prioritise your keystone habits. It will make everything to follow simple and sustainable rather than a constant, frustrating struggle. 

Plant-Based Journal


Plus, Win Sheets to make your intentions ACTIONABLE!

Including, a Stop | Start | Continue time magic’ing strategy. Plant Strong Meal Preparation. What to do when you lose your exercising mojo!


Plan your week plus,

Focus on your Daily GRATITUDES, Reference Points for SUCCESS and what would make tomorrow FABULOUS!

Plant-Based recipes


Plus, Equipment Free Workouts.

Recipes include: Tofu scramble, Cauli-kale tabouli, Corn fritters and Easy Vegan TEMPLATES for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


Plus, Monthly gratitude from an animal.

Plant based Journal

About the Journal's creator

I speak of the “frustrating struggle” with way too much personal experience. During the toughest times of my life, living true to the VALUES I hold most dear and clinging to my keystones HABITS have been sanity savers.

To backtrack, I’m Kate Galli and I’m a vegan health coach based in Sydney, Australia. 

During the ghastly year that was 2020 I realised how much I relied on simple yet effective habits to maintain any sort of order, effectiveness, purpose and JOY in my life. Although 2020 was unprecedentedly uncertain and challenging the reality is:

You can never really be certain so far as what’s in store next year, next month or even tomorrow. 

The Healthification Podcast

Back when I was a meat loving little 15 year old who’d regularly declare: “I could never be vegetarian!” I had no clue I’d become a resolute vego in less than 12 months and then vegan a further 23 years old.

Again, you don't know what’s coming however you CAN lay the groundwork to help you step up and handle whatever is sent your way. To back yourself. To have certainty in YOU. Rather than an overnight epiphany I believe it takes a (way-less-sexy yet way-more-achievable) ongoing commitment to the thoughts and habits that keep you happy and healthy. 

This journal covers the habits and thought patterns to help you manage both your time and more importantly, your MIND.

Get Plant Positive Today!

1/2 the Price of the Printed Journal PLUS Zero Postage!

Live and Love a Healthy Plant-Based Lifestyle with the help of this 508 Page Editable PDF. Instant Download!

This journal follows a 12 Month Program however is NOT dated so can be used at ANY time of the year.